Sport Management Graduate Internship

The graduate internship is designed to provide our graduate students with the opportunity to make application of theories, and conceptual material learned in the classroom, in a professional setting. 

Take what you learn in the classroom and put it into practice in the sport industry!

Internships often provide students with the opportunity to network and make contacts in the sport industry that will assist them in obtaining professional employment following graduation, and/or enhancing career opportunities in organizations which students are already employed.

For questions, information, and/or internship application forms, please contact Dr. Scott Waltemyer.

Internship Categories/Settings

  • Professional Sports
  • Minor-League Sports
  • College Athletics
  • Scholastic Athletics
  • Campus Recreation
  • Community Recreation
  • International Sport Federations
  • Sport Marketing
  • Sport Media
  • Health & Fitness

Frequently Asked Questions

+When is the internship offered?

Students may complete the internship during the spring, summer (10-week), or fall semesters. The internship experience (work hours) must be completed during the semester in which you are registered for the course.

+Where can I intern?

The site must be a sport/recreation organization, and must be approved by the SPMT internship coordinator and HLKN chair of graduate studies.

+How many credit hours is the internship?

The graduate internship is a variable credit academic course (3-6 credits towards your degree) depending on your degree plan. Most students in the M.S. Sport Management program complete a 4-credit internship, as that is what fits into their overall degree plan. No matter the credit hours, you must complete ALL internship work hours at the same site (i.e. you cannot divide your internship between two or more sites/organizations…see practicum below).

+What is the difference between the internship and practicum?

The primary difference is that the internship is required, whereas the practicum is not. The internship is also variable credit, whereas the practicum is a fixed 3-credit hours. As far as the process and work, they are basically the same. The reason for having two separate “courses” is for students possibly wanting to complete two different work experiences (at different sites) in the sport industry, and get credit for their work. If you choose to do both an internship and a practicum (two different experiences at two different sites), you cannot exceed 6 total credit hours between the two (meaning, if you do a practicum you could only do a 3-credit internship).

+How many weeks/hours is the internship?

Students have the entire semester, for which they are registered for the internship, to complete the internship hours. Work hours will vary depending on how many academic credit hours you register for. Interns must complete a minimum of 40 internship work hours per academic credit hour. For example, a student completing a 4-credit internship would be required to complete a minimum of 160 internship work hours, and a student completing a 6-credit internship would be required to complete a minimum of 240 internship work hours. Further, you may not retroactively use previous work towards your internship. All internship hours and work must be concurrent with the semester in which you are registered for academic credit for the internship.

+Will I complete assignments during my internship, or just complete the work hours?

Yes, there are a few assignments/papers that students will submit during the internship. You will keep a journal/log of your work activities/tasks, record your work hours in a timesheet, write a reflection paper at the end of your experience, and your site supervisor will complete an evaluation form. All of these assignments will be submitted to the internship coordinator, and instructions for everything will be provided in the internship manual/syllabus which will be provided once you are enrolled.

+Can I use my current job for my internship?

No, you cannot use your current job/role; however, you could possibly use your current organization. For example, if you are a high school football coach, you could NOT use your roles and responsibilities with the football program towards your internship, however, you could possibly (upon approval) work with other sports and/or the athletic director on other projects for your internship. Or if you work in ticket sales for a professional sports team, you could possibly do your internship with another department (e.g. facility management, marketing, public relations, etc.). If this is your situation, please discuss with the internship coordinator.

+Does the university place interns?

No, the university does not place interns. We do have many contacts in the sport industry, so if you do not have an internship site already or are not sure what you want to do, we can help guide you in the right direction, but we do not directly place interns. It is the responsibility of the student to finalize the internship site.

+How do I register for the internship (SPMT 684) course?

You need to contact the internship coordinator during the semester PRIOR to the semester in which you would like to intern (it is recommended that you contact the internship coordinator at least three months before the time you would begin your internship). The internship coordinator will answer any questions, and make sure that you are on the right track. You will then be provided with the application form that you will need to complete, sign, and return to the internship coordinator. Once the application is received by the internship coordinator, it will then need to be officially approved, and once approved by the department we will send it to the registrar’s office to enroll you in the course. In order to register you on time, you should have your completed application submitted to the internship coordinator at least a month before the beginning of the semester. Again, you do not register for the course. You complete an application form, and if it is approved, the department will then register you.