Player Development Center-West Campus

The Player Development Center-West Campus (PDC-WC) is a 22,000-square-foot facility. It replaces Netum Steed Laboratory, which was razed as part of the Kyle Field redevelompent. It is located just across the street from Reed Arena and adjacent to Ellis Field.

Over 400 Texas A&M student-athletes from 14 sports will make use of the building.

PDC-WC houses the Department's Applied Exercise Science Laboratory (AESL). The laboratory is under the direction of Dr. Stephen F. Crouse.  This laboratory occupies approximately 5,000 square feet in the Player Development Center – West Campus at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.  Located within this laboratory is over $500,000 worth of state of the art equipment to support human exercise science research and teaching.  The equipment includes:

  • HydroWorx series 1200 aquatic treadmill.
  • General Electric LOGIQ P6 ultrasound system for cardiac, peripheral arterial, and muscle imaging studies
  • Two Medical Graphics Corp Ultima Cardio2 automated metabolic gas analysis systems with integrated Trackmaster treadmill & Mortara ECG capability.  These MGC Ultima systems also perform computerized spirometry for pulmonary function tests and assessment of resting metabolic rates.
  • Three Quinton Q-Stress systems for graded treadmill stress testing with ECG.
  • Lode electronically-braked and three Monark friction braked research grade cycle ergometers.
  • Dual Emission X-ray Absorptiometer (DEXA, General Electric Medical Systems, GE Lunar Prodigy Advance, Madison Wisconsin).
  • Other equipment to analyze body composition including a computerized hydrostatic weighing tank, bio-impedance instrument (The Bodycomp Scale, Valhalla Scientific, San Diego, CA), 5 Lange skinfold calipers, medical-grade height / weight scales.
  • Numerous networked desk-top and notebook computers.
  • The laboratory also houses a BL-2 Level facility for phlebotomy with blood chemistry and plasma volume analysis capability.