PEK and SCH Student Teaching

Students in both programs student teach for 12 weeks in Phase III of the program. All other coursework is completed before this phase. Students must complete the Student Teaching Application before beginning their student teaching.

Course Experience
HEFB/KNFB 450 (6 hrs.)

Immerse student teachers in experiences that allow for a smooth transition from the role of student to the role of teacher, a three-stage program has been developed. 
Stage I  (Observe and Assist)
      Stage I is primarily a period of orientation and observation at which time student teachers learn various school and classroom procedures and become acquainted with the students, faculty, and administration. 
Stage II  (Team Teaching)
      Stage II is a period when student teachers assume more of the everyday responsibilities of regular teachers and begin actively participating in the instructional process.  During this phase, the student teacher assists both in and out of the classroom and prepares for more teaching.  As in Stage I, the primary responsibility for teaching in Stage II rests with the cooperating teacher.  However, the student teacher begins “phasing” into the instructional process by gradually assuming increased responsibilities until he/she is ready to teach an entire lesson after observing the cooperating teacher model appropriate instruction. Co-planning lessons occur during this stage.

Stage III  (Full Responsibility)
      Stage III is the time when the student teacher takes complete charge of a teaching situation. Since the student teacher assumed increasing responsibility throughout Stage II, the transition to this stage is not abrupt.  NOTE: Students are given an opportunity to spend time in their support field when time and scheduling permits.

Student teaching is designed to provide applied experiences under the direction of a public school cooperating teacher that facilitate the development of acceptable outcomes concerning the roles and responsibilities of a professional teacher.  The final student teaching semester provides field experience in a PE or Health setting. (If the schedule allows, students also gain experience in their support field).  Students are placed in school settings based on their certification area (PE or Health) with certified teachers who have a minimum of three years experience. During the application process, the students request grade level and setting preferences.  Student teaching placements are determined according to the availability of university supervisors and cooperating teachers.  Students are not allowed to set their placements, and there is no obligation to assign a student to an area where he/she can continue to live in the same apartment or dormitory, carry on activities associated with a campus organization or stay with a present employer.  NOTE: No additional classes may be taken during student teaching, and students will not be placed for student teaching if they lack any coursework.

Important Dates and Meetings
To be cleared for student teaching, students MUST attend two mandatory meetings the semester before student teaching.

  • Typically held the third Wednesday of the Methods Semester from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.  (Location to be announced)
  • Usually held the Wednesday before final exams (reading day) from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. (Location to be announced)

HLKN Registration Course Numbers and Section

  • KINE-KNFB 450 section 504
  • HLTH-HEFB 450 section 504


  • KINE-KNFB 450 section 554
  • HLTH-HEFB 450 section 554

Professional Liability Insurance
All students in field experiences and student teaching are required to have professional liability insurance.  Organizations that provide this insurance at no cost are:

  • Texas Classroom Teachers Association, (888-879-8282)
  • Association of Texas Professional Educators, (800-777-ATPE)

Letter of Full-Time Status for Insurance
Since student teaching is 6 hours, you may need a “Verification of Enrollment” to identify yourself as a full-time student.  After the 12th class day, an official letter may be requested as follows:

  • Using your Neo account, email
  • Include the address or fax number of the location you would like it sent.
  • For more information, please visit with your financial aid counselor and your insurance carrier.