Applied Exercise Physiology

Applied Exercise Physiology is a program within exercise science. The program prepares students to become clinical exercise physiologists working in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation programs.

This program contains a strong science background making students excellent candidates for these schools:

  • Physical therapy
  • Nursing school
  • Physician assistant school
  • Occupational therapy

Professional Phase Admissions

The program has two phases: pre-professional phase and professional phase. Students must complete prerequisite courses designated on their degree plan before applying. 

Up to 60 students can enroll during the academic year (24 in the fall, 24 in the spring and 12 in the summer). 

Evaluation Criteria

  • Overall GPR
  • Math and science GPR
  • Volunteer work/experience related to the field

Most students receive admittance from their first application. Though, some students need extra coursework or to repeat courses for a better grade. 

Limited laboratory resources can restrict admissions. During years of excessive student enrollment, the application to professional phase may become competitive.

Application Due Dates

  • February 15th for Summer
  • July 1 for Fall
  • October 15th for Spring

If the deadline falls on a weekend

Professional Phase and Internship forms are due the following Monday. Contact your advisor for the exact date of the semester you are applying.


Students can get immediate employment in clinical fields. Areas like cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, pharmaceutical sales and medical equipment sales and service. Students also train for jobs as personal trainers or corporate/private fitness specialists.  

Graduate Studies

  • Clinical exercise physiology
  • Sport physiology
  • Nutrition