Coaching Minor

This minor is also useful to those who work with youth in sports leagues. Admission to this minor is by application only. Students should allow a minimum of three semesters to complete this minor.

Admission to the Coaching Minor

Students must have completed BIOL 111, or it’s equivalent (BIOL 113) with a D or better before applying for admission. Thirty students per year are accepted.

Acceptance Dates: October 1 and March 1. 

Apply to the Coaching Minor


Required Courses

 HLTH 216 - First Aid
 KINE 199M - Major's Resistance/Flex
 KINE 215 - Fundamentals of Coaching
 KINE 306 - Functional Anatomy for Coaches
 KINE 302 - Applied Exercise Physiology for Coaches
 KINE 307 - Lifespan Motor Development
 KINE 318 - Athletic Injuries

Electives - Must select a minimum of 6 credits (3 courses)

 KINE 312 - Coaching of Baseball
 KINE 317 - Coaching of Football
 KINE 321 - Coaching of Volleyball
 KINE 351 - Coaching of Basketball
 KINE 355 - Coaching of Track
 SPMT 489 - Performance Psychology