Current Ph.D. Students (Sport Management)

Nayoung Ahn

Nayoung is a second-year doctoral student and works as a graduate assistant in the division of sport management. She also works in the Laboratory for Diversity in Sport. Her research focuses on (a) cultural diversity, with specific focus on gender, national, and ethnic equity, and inclusion in sport governance and leadership; and (b) organizational behavior (e.g., discrimination and stigmatization), as well as organizational transformation in sport organizations. Ahn has presented at various conferences and published in the International Journal of Exercise Science.


Arden Anderson

Arden is a third-year doctoral student in the Division of Sport Management and currently serves as a Doctoral Research Assistant for Dr. Marlene Dixon. She received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Wofford College and a Master of Science Degree in Kinesiology with a Certificate in Sport Management from East Carolina University. In the past year, Arden was a recipient of the Huffines Institute Graduate Student Research Grant and the Texas A&M University College of Education and Human Development Research Scholars Award, which funded her work on better understanding team cohesion and role identity within college athletics. She presented this work at the North American Society for Sport Management Conference in June 2017. Currently, she is developing a follow-up project to examine how involvement in college athletics impacts the number and nature of role identities that athletes hold and how these roles and management thereof impact athletes’ overall collegiate experience. She also served as first author in collaboration with both national and international scholars on a project regarding sport for health programs for refugees. She gave an invited presentation of this work at the German Sports University in Cologne, Germany. Presently, this manuscript is in review at Sport Management Review and will be presented at the North American Society for Sport Management Conference in June 2018.

Katie Brown

Katie is a fourth-year doctoral student whose primary research interests involve examining how sport entities manage and protect their brands with a focus on trademark law and brand image. Her academic background is in sport marketing, sport law, and sport economics. Utilizing her unique expertise, Katie aims to understand the respective interfaces of these three areas of research. Moreover, she explores how sport brands manage and protect their intellectual property and brand as well as explore in what ways infringing and diluting brands affect the value of the brand as a whole.


Sarah Brown

Sarah is a first-year doctoral student and licensed attorney. She works as a research assistant for Dr. Brison and teaches sport-related undergraduate classes. Her research focuses on creating and maintaining brand image, specifically athletes and sport companies, evaluating the effectiveness and value of sponsorships and endorsements, and legal issues in sports marketing.


Justin Garner

Bio coming soon.


Ted Hayduk

Ted is a Ph.D. Candidate whose research focuses on strategic management and entrepreneurship in the sport, media, and entertainment industries. After earning a B.S. from FSU and a M.S. from Southern Miss, he began his professional journey as a stadium operations consultant for a large North American professional sport league. After this, he was brought on as a member of the NFL’s supplementary technology staff for Super Bowl XLVIII in New York City. Most recently, he and a group of colleagues co-founded Hillsboro Management Group (HMG), a platform acting as a liaison between analytics developers and large venues looking to implement analytics-based solutions.


Suhan Ku

Ku is currently a first-year doctoral student in the Division of Sport Management. He has earned an M.S. in Sport Management and B.S. in Physical Education. His research interests are in line with socially responsible behavior of sports organizations as well as individuals in professional and international sports competition level. Now he serves as a TA of an online course (International Sport Business).


Kristi Oshiro

Oshiro is a second-year doctoral student and works as a graduate teaching assistant in the Division of Sport Management working under the guidance of advisor, Dr. John N. Singer. She holds an M.S. in Kinesiology: Sport Management and B.S. in Sport Studies, both from East Carolina University where she was also a former student athlete. Her research interests include diversity and social justice in sport with a focus on race, gender, the under-representation and lived experiences of historically marginalized populations in and through sport. Her most recent project is a multi-level framework examining the under-representation of Asian Americans in leadership positions in college sport.


Daniel Springer

Springer is a first-year student in the Sport Management Ph.D. program and also serves as an Academic Advisor for the undergraduate Sport Management Internship program. He completed a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy at Texas A&M University in 2011 followed by a Master’s of Education in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in College Student Development from Oklahoma State University in 2013. Broadly, he is interested in studying the development of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) through various sport settings, specifically focusing on various populations of collegiate students (i.e., student athletes, club sport participants, intramural participants, etc.).


Anthony Weems

Weems is a second-year doctoral student in the Division of Sport Management. Working with Dr. John N. Singer, his research interests revolve around race, gender, power, and politics in and through the sport organizational setting. Along with recently co-authoring a peer-reviewed article for the International Journal of Exercise Science, he has contributed to multiple books and book chapters, published in new media outlets (e.g., scholarly blogs), and is currently working on multiple projects in collaboration with interdisciplinary and international scholars.


Bo Yu

Yu is a first-year doctoral student and works as a graduate teaching assistant in the Division of Sport Management. He completed his M.S. in Physical Education from University of New Mexico, and earned his M.T.I in Chinese-English Translation and B.A. in English both from Beijing Jiaotong University in China. His research interests include consumer behavior and sport marketing with a specialty in athlete brand and eSports.